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Oriental Medicine and Hair Loss

Hair loss treatment in oriental medicine

Ingredients used for the health of the scalp: Ginseng, Lycium chinense fruit, fo-ti, wilfordi root, biota seed, the leaves of Thuja orientalis

Hair is one reflection of the body’s nutritional status. An imbalance between yin (陰) and yang (陽) of the body is revealed through a bad complexion and through both the skin and hair looking dull and lackluster. In other words, a healthy balance between yin and yang of the body is essential for healthy scalp and hair.

Our ancestors maintained a good balance between yin and yang of the body to maintain healthy scalp and hair through folk remedies.

Here are some medicinal herbs they used for the health of their scalp.

Ginseng, fruit of the Chinese matrimony vine and wilfordi root are the most common medicinal herbs used for hair loss treatment. Biota seed is the seed of arbor vitae and its leaves are used to relieve an itching scalp and prevent dandruff.

  • 01
    Drink a mixture of honey and an infusion of dried wilfordi root, or take pills made of wilfordi root and black sesame powder mixed with honey for a healthy scalp.
  • 02
    Dry the leaves of arbor vitae after nine rounds of steaming, grind them into powder and make a pot of tea with 10g of the powder and it will help prevent hair loss.
  • 03
    Brew wilfordi root (10g), rehmannia root (10g), fruit of the Chinese matrimony vine (10g), biota seed (arbor vitae leaves, 20g) and Korean angelica (10g) in water (seven glasses) and drink every morning and evening if hair loss gets worse.