Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss

Causes of Hair Loss

What are the common causes of hair loss?

  • 1Bad blood circulation that causes muscles in the scalp to tighten

    Poor blood circulation results in an insufficient supply of nutrients for hair follicles and triggers hair loss. Wearing a tight hat for long periods reduces circulation to the scalp and causes hair loss.

  • 2Crash dieting

    Crash diets starve follicles of vital nutrients, decrease cell division and growth, and make both the hair and scalp dry, causing hair loss.

  • 3Eating unhealthily

    Dietary life is one of the two most common secondary causes of hair loss (the other is stress). In general, regularly eating meat increases the chance of hair loss as animal fat increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and leads to nutrient deficiency in the hair roots.

  • 4Others

    Harmful external environments including serious air pollution, frequent permanent waves and coloring treatment, and even the use of a hair dryer are common causes of hair loss. Additionally, too much use of chemical hair styling products can lead to hair loss.

The most common causes of hair loss

A customer survey on hair loss conducted by Research & Research in 2007
  • Stress 97%
  • Genetic inheritance 82%
  • Seasonal changes 64%
  • Childbirth 31%
  • Male hormones 27%

Ways to tell if you are losing hair

A customer survey on hair loss conducted by Research & Research in 2007
Ways to tell if you are losing hair Rating and description
1st (48.6%) Clumps of hair in the shower drain after shampoo
2nd (18.8%) Masses of hair falling when towel-drying hair after shampoo
3rd (11.8%) Strands of hair fallen on the pillow in the morning
4th (9.2%) Hair falling when / after blow drying hair
5th (4.3%) Hair fallen everywhere at home
6th (3.7%) Family, friends and others tell you so
7th (3.3%) You hear about it at the salon
8th (1.1%) Others