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RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Cooling Tonic

Hydrating Cooling scalp tonic / Leave on treatment Hair loss expert care

  • 145 ml
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Pairs well with

제품상세 내용 아래 참조
  • Hot Sunlight
  • Blow Dry And Styling
  • Humid Air
They irritate your scalp as much as hair!

Hydrating Cooling Scalp Tonic

Leave On Treatment Hair Loss Expert Care


Clinically Verified 5 Scalp Protecting Effect

Hair Loss Relief Korea FDA approved CLINICAL TEST 90% Satisfaction with the Strengthen Scalp 85% Satisfaction with the Product Absorption

* Result on clinical test, 19.11.21~19.12.20, 3555(N=21)


Reduce Sebum On Scalp

  • AFTER81.08% Decrease
Micro spray for even application

Reduction In Scalp Heat

Temporary effect right after application / Heat caused by outside factors

  • AFTER6% Decrease

Increased Scalp Moisture

  • BEFORE 1Moisture 103.9% Increased
  • AFTER 103.9

Soothing flaky scalp

* After 4 weeks

  • BEFORE 100%
  • AFTER 42.27%40.6% Decrease

Reduction In Hair Fall

KOREA MFDS approved

Verified Effect on Hair Loss Relief


QWhen should I use this product?
AIt can be used at any time, but it is recommended to apply it on wet hair before blow drying.
QDoesn’t it get greasy after spraying?
AIt doesn’t get greasy easily owing to applying directly on scalp However, it may feel moist so be sure to massage it with your fingertips for absorption
QIs this functional product safe?
AIt is safe as it is free of seven ingredients including silicon oil. And also and has been tested for a dermatologist test
Fact 01

Patented & Active Ingredients For 5 Scalp Problems

  • Root strength
  • Anti-oxidative stress of the scalp
  • Dryness-induced itchiness
  • Scalp barrier strengthening
  • Oil-moisture balance
Fact 02

A Refreshing Fragrance For Smelly Scalp Relief

Eucalyptus and armoise oil relieve scalp odor.

Pine Needle, Leafy Green, Cedar Leaf Fresh Herbal Fragrance
Floral, Geranium, Chamomile Comforting Chamomile
Amber Clean And Indulging Amber



Spray directly onto the target area


After application, work with your fingertips to help the scalp absorb the product.

Leave On Treatment Specialized For Scalp Concern

  • Scalp Massage Essence [Intensive spot relief]

    Dry and fragile scalp

    Flakiness in the changing seasons

    A nourishing & soothing effect

  • Scalp Cooling Tonic [General scalp care]

    Heated scalp caused * by sunlight and other outside causes

    Greasiness-prone scalp

    A hydrating & cooling effect


Did you check who made your essence?


We study and manufacture only products based on data, trust and quality.

“We refuse to make things that are just like the others.”


We expertise in “Material, Technology And Sensory Research” to create the best scalp and hair loss solutions.

Material Research Technology Research Sensory Research

KOREA MFDS Approved Hair Loss Care

Technology Research
  • Reported to MFDS as a functional ingredient for hair loss

Ginsen9EX™ 9 types of Expert Care for Scalp & Hair

Material Research

Ryo’s special scalp and hair technology simultaneously relieves 9 problems

  1. 1

    Scalp moisturizing

  2. 2

    Scalp nourishing

  3. 3

    Hair moisturizing

  4. 4

    Tensile strength of the hair

  5. 5

    Softness of the hair

  6. 6

    Hair roughness reduction

  7. 7

    Hair protection against heat

  8. 8

    Hair elasticity

  9. 9

    Hair shine

Consumer-oriented product Data-Driven Product Design

Sensory Research
  • 30,000 people Scalp & hair loss consumer research
  • 173 ea*1 Patented ingredients & technology for scalp and hair
  • 4,234*2 people No. of consumers surveyed for improvements
  1. *1) included 44 Korean patent applied
  2. *2) No. of consumers for improvements of Ryo Hair Loss Expert Care Line (design, massage, texture ect)

RYO SCALP BIO LAB Hair Loss Expert Care Ginsen 9EX

  • Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo Specialized For Each Scalp Type
    • Oily Scalp Shampoo/li>
    • Dry Scalp Shampoo
    • Sensitive Scalp Shampoo
  • Hair Loss Expert Care With Added More Benefits
    • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    • Weak Hair Shampoo
  • Hair Loss Expert Care Essence & Tonic Recommended For Daily Use, Before Blow-Dry
    • Scalp Massage Essence
    • Scalp Cooling Tonic
  • Hair Loss Expert Care With Scalp & Hair Treatment
    • Root Strength Treatment
    • Deep Nutrition Treatment
  • Exfoliate & removing excess sebum
    • Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Deep Scaling Cleanser
  • Ryo will tell you everything about hair loss
    —from its causes and how to take care of it.