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RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Scaling Cleanser

Hair Loss Expert Care for stuffy & smelly scalp before shampoo
- Scalp Deep Scaling Cleanser

  • 145 ml
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  • Hair Fall
  • Greasiness Even After Washing
  • Lingering Smell
Your Scalp Needs Scaling!

Before Shampoo Scalp Deep Scaling Cleanser

Hair Loss Expert Care For Stuffy & Smelly Scalp

5 Powerful Benefits verified by users

  • Satisfaction with

    Hair Loss Alleviation/Relief
  • Satisfaction with

    Removal Of Smells
  • Satisfaction with

    The Sebum Removal
  • Satisfaction with

    Scalp Exfoliation
  • Satisfaction with

    Reduced Itchiness (by cleansing)

Result on satisfaction test, 20.12.02~12.08, 4059(N=59) Use Ryo hair loss expert care shampoo for oily scalp and scaling cleanser at the same time

Use with shampoo for greater satisfaction! Synergy from the two products



For two or more checks, Scaling is needed before shampooing!

  1. 01 My scalp feels itchy.check
  2. 02 My hair becomes greasy in the afternoon.check
  3. 03 There is an odor on my scalp.check
  4. 04 The skin flakes when I scratch my scalp.check
  5. 05 My hair has become thin and limp.check
  6. 06 I recently have more scalp concerns.check


Q When should I use this product?
A Use before shampoo, on wet hair. Apply as a special care product followed by shampoo and treatment.
Q Do I need to shampoo afterwards?
A This product focuses on cleansing the scalp, therefore it is recommended to use a shampoo/treatment for hair care.
Q Can I use this frequently?
A It is advised to use 1-2 times a week. For this deep cleansing product, it is appropriate to use it once or twice a week, just like facial exfoliators.
Q Would frequent use reduce its effect?
A NO. The scalp may feel different depending on its condition. Therefore, it may feel less effective when the scalp getting healthier compare to early
Q Is this functional product safe?
AIt is safe as it is free of 7 ingredients including silicone oil, and has been tested for determination the eye irritation potential
Fact 01

Patented Ingredient for itchiness control

Patented Ingredient combined with scalp benefits!

  • Root strength
  • Scalp soothing
  • Dryness-induced itchiness
  • Scalp nutrition
  • Oil-moisture balance
Fact 02

A Refreshing Fragrance For Smelly Scalp Relief

Eucalyptus and armoise oil relieve scalp odor.

Pine Needle, Leafy Green, Cedar Leaf Fresh Herbal Fragrance
Floral, Geranium, Chamomile Comforting Chamomile
Amber Clean And Indulging Amber
Fact 03

Thorough removal of eyeshadow & eyeliner!

Refreshing removal of oiliness without leaving any residue!



Apply the product on wet hair before shampooing! *Apply directly onto the scalp instead of dispensing on the hand.


Massage using your fingertips. *The product doesn’t foam up to the level of shampoo! Evenly massage the scalp then rinse off.


Did you check who made your cleanser?


We study and manufacture only products based on data, trust and quality.

“We refuse to make things that are just like the others.”


We expertise in “Material, Technology And Sensory Research” to create the best scalp and hair loss solutions.

Material Research Technology Research Sensory Research

First MFDS Approved Hair Loss Care*

*caffeine ingredient in Korea

Technology Research
  • Reported to MFDS as a functional ingredient for hair loss
  • Received Excellent Research Award from Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea

Ginsen9EX™ 9 types of Expert Care for Scalp & Hair

Material Research

Ryo’s special scalp and hair technology simultaneously relieves 9 problems

  1. 1

    Scalp moisturizing

  2. 2

    Scalp nourishing

  3. 3

    Hair moisturizing

  4. 4

    Tensile strength of the hair

  5. 5

    Softness of the hair

  6. 6

    Hair roughness reduction

  7. 7

    Hair protection against heat

  8. 8

    Hair elasticity

  9. 9

    Hair shine

Consumer-oriented product Data-Driven Product Design

Sensory Research
  • 30,000 people Scalp & hair loss consumer research
  • 173 ea*1 Patented ingredients & technology for scalp and hair
  • 4,234*2 people No. of consumers surveyed for improvements
  1. *1) included 44 Korean patent applied
  2. *2) No. of consumers for improvements of Ryo Hair Loss Expert Care Line (design, massage, texture ect)

RYO SCALP BIO LAB Hair Loss Expert Care Ginsen 9EX

  • Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo Specialized For Each Scalp Type
    • Oily Scalp Shampoo/li>
    • Dry Scalp Shampoo
    • Sensitive Scalp Shampoo
  • Hair Loss Expert Care With Added More Benefits
    • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
    • Weak Hair Shampoo
  • Hair Loss Expert Care Essence & Tonic Recommended For Daily Use, Before Blow-Dry
    • Scalp Massage Essence
    • Scalp Cooling Tonic
  • Hair Loss Expert Care With Scalp & Hair Treatment
    • Root Strength Treatment
    • Deep Nutrition Treatment
  • Exfoliate & removing excess sebum
    • Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Deep Scaling Cleanser
Peppermint oil, biota seed, coix, green tea, ginger, scutellaria baicalensis root and licorice root
사용방법 내용 아래 참조
To use the product, first wash hair with water and lightly towel dry hair. Second, put the tip of the product on the scalp and apply along the part 5-6 times and then gently rub. Third, use the finger tips to massage the scalp for 1-2 minutes and rinse off with water. Use a shampoo to finish. Fourth, use shampoo or treatment for hair care as it is a scalp care product.
  • Ryo will tell you everything about hair loss
    —from its causes and how to take care of it.