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RYO’s Secret of BeautyBrand Story

려 탈모과학연구소 전경

Brand PhilosophyThe long journey toward beautiful and healthy hair

To discover the most ideal ingredient, true to the brand philosophy
RYO sought out a fundamental solution rather than a product that was only temporarily beneficial. Nearly 60 experts in eight fields from cosmetic ingredients, scalp care, fragrance and human organism came together with one common goal.
They went through a series of failures but their ten years of combined efforts eventually bore fruit. They successfully proved the safety and efficacy of medicinal herbs for hair loss treatment. The final products made of medicinal herbs were tested over 100 households where they successfully demonstrated their excellence through clinical tests with a panel of more than 500 members.
Endless Research Journey of RYO Scalp Bio Lab
We have been designing data-driven, customer-centric products with 5 exclusive ingredients for hair loss care, 173 patents on scalp and hair*, 30,000 people scalp&hair consumer research.
Technical Research
We conduct research on the change of scalp and hair trouble patterns depending on the environmental conditions and develop a technology that can relieve hair loss symptoms based on the results of research.
We also adjust detailed elements such as improvement of texture stability, foam, viscosity and residue.
Material Research
We verify and improve the effects of existing ingredients on scalp and hair and develop new ingredients to produce innovative effects.
Furthermore, we conduct research on the extraction method to use newly discovered substances effectively.
Sensory Research
We conduct research on the relationship between fragrance and effects and match products and fragrance according to the results of research.
In addition, we are carrying out continuous research on the improvement of sensuous aspect such as fragrance development by applying scalp odor-removing technology.