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RYO’s Secret of BeautyBrand Story

An illustration of a woman and beauty tools—a mirror, a comb and a binyeo, a Korean traditional ornamental hairpin that Korean women in the olden days used to trim and style their hair

Bon/Yun/Seng/QiRefers to an ideal hair condition offered by RYO.

Bon(木) Natural deep hair as if born with it
YUN(潤) Shiny hair
Seng(生) Full, vibrant hair
Qi(氣) Healthy, pleasant scalp
Noble women in the Joseon Dynasty period sought light, natural makeup (淡粧).
It was the complete opposite of heavy makeup (nongjang; 濃粧).
Light makeup with only a minimal use of colors in the pursuit of a natural yet elegant beauty with a skin complexion as fresh as the fresh water springs and a wealth of black, thick and healthy hair—that is what noble women of the day thought of beauty.
Middle-class women could not wear makeup but they still took care of their hair every day using hair oil.
Camellia and caster beans were the most commonly used ingredients for hair oil.
They did not leave hair sticky but did give a long-lasting shine and pleasant fragrance.
Even in those days when living was not easy, women took such good care of their hair.