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RYO Derma Scalp Care Shampoo (For Sensitive & Dry Scalp)

Sensitive scalp tested / pH balanced at 5.5 Derma Scalp Care

  • 400 ml
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ph5.5 Derma Scalp Care

95% Sensitive Scalp Tested

*Th feels mild for both scalp and hair

  • 10-free*
  • Surfactant* 100% naturally derived
  • pH 5.5 Acid-balanced
  • Hypoallergenic Deram
  • Centella* 100% naturally derived
  • From JEJu*

See the below section for detailed information

for those with sensitive scalp #dema scalp care #0% silicone #0% sulfate

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Sensitive Scalp Tested

Survey results from the scalp test of dry scalp shampoo by a sensitive panel (IEC Korea, March 14 - April 11, 2019, 21 subjects)

DERMA SCALP CARE SHAMPOO * for sensitive scalp
  • 95%

    "It feels mild for both scalp and hair"

  • 85%

    "I want to recommend this product to my friends"

  • 90%

    "The product makes a creamy lather"


0% Silicone Oil Sulfate Surtactant

check "the entir list of ingredients"

Shampoo 2 types, 10-free:

silicone oil / sulfate surfactant / PEG surfactant / artificial fragrance / synthetic colorant / animal ingredints / mineral oil / triethanmolmine / polyacrylamide / imidazolidinyl urea

Conditioner, 8-free

silicone oil / sulfate surfactant / synthetic colorant / animal ingredints / mineral oil / triethanmolmine / polyacrylamide / imidazolidinyl urea

Surfactant : 100% naturally derived

- Lauryl Hydroxysultaine
Palm oil-derived surfactant
- Coco-glucoside
Coconut oil-derived surfactant
Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine
Plant-derived surfactant

pH 5.5 acid-balanced

to restore the pH balance of the scalp

What's good about an acid-balaced shampoo?
The outermost layer of a healty scalp, the stratum cornneum, is covered with a mix of sweeat and sebum and is slightly acidic. Excessively acidic or alkaline levels may induce problems such as sry scalp. RYO derma scalp care shmpoo washes scalp to be clean and healthy without affecting its natural acidity balance!

Centella Asiatica

: 100% naturally derived

Centella asiatica component (madecassoside)

Less than 2kg of this ingredient is obtained from 1 ton of centella asiatica harvested from Madagascar's pristine nature

This will build a protective barrier on your irritated scalp!
  • Harmful external stimuli Epidermis

    Scalp is prone to losing moisture due to it's weakended skin barrier

  • * Madecassoside forms a thin film on the surface of the scalp

    With madecassoside

  • External irritants

    A strong skin barrier and a heathy scalp!


100% from Jeju

Healty scalp care by ingredients from Jeju

  • For oil scalp

    Green tes Extract from Jeju

    Sebum Control
  • For dry scalp

    Calamus Root Extract from Jeju

    Scalp Moisturizing
  • Conditioner

    Camellia Oil from Jeju

    Hair Nutrition

In a world where irritations abound, Choose a derma scalp care shampoo!

  • Ryo will tell you everything about hair loss
    —from its causes and how to take care of it.