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RYO Calamus Shampoo

∙Recommended scalp and hair: damp and oily scalp, rough and dull hair
- Calamus: 100% from Korea, scalp purifying, hair shining
- 3 Free: silicone oil, synthetic coloring, animal ingredients
- Contains natural surfactant

  • 400 ml
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Korea No.1#
0% Silicone
100%* from Korea
Purifying Scalp Care

#1 market share in the Korean hanbang shampoo category from 2009.06.15-2019.06.16 by Kanter World Panel
*Products are 100% scientifically formulated & manufactured in Korea

Formula made up of natural ingredients!

Ryo calamus keeps three promises

  1. 1. 100%* from Korea

    Take care of your with Korean calamus

  2. 2. 0% Silicone / Colorant / Animal ingredient

    A formula free of silicone oil, animal ingredients and synthenic coloring

  3. 3. Scalp soothing & Hair shine care

    Take care of your with Korean calamus

  4. 4. Fresh & Aroma Herbal Scent

*Products are 100% scientifically formulated & manufactured in Korea.

Korean calamus 3-free formula* Lustrous hair with a healthy sheen

  1. 1. Take care of your hair with Korean calamus

    Calamus extract purifies the scalp and adds a healthy shine.

  2. 2. For the healthy of both the scalp and hair

    It is good for both a damp, oily scalp and rough, lackluster hair.

*No silicone, synthetic coloring and animal ingredients added

  • Ryo Calamus Scalp & Shining Shampoo

    Milky white formula

  • Ryo Calamus Scalp & Shining Conditioner

    Smooth creamy texture


Choose the right Ryo Calamus product for your scalp and hair!

  • Scalp type : Dry

    Ryo Evening Primrose Volumizing Shampoo

    Scalp nourishment & volumizing hair care

    Dry, tight scalp Weak and droopy hair

  • Scalp type : Oily

    Ryo Calamus Scalp & Shining Shampoo

    Scalp soothing & hair shine care

    Damp and Oily scalp Dull, lackluster hair

  • Ryo will tell you everything about hair loss
    —from its causes and how to take care of it.